Collaborative Accessibility: How Blind and Sighted Companions Co-Create Accessible Home Spaces

CHI 2015

Stacy Branham, Shaun Kane

Sharing is Caring: Assistive Technology Designs on Thingiverse

CHI 2015, Best Paper Award

Erin Buehler, Stacy Branham, Abdullah Ali, Jeremy Chang, Megan Hofmann, Amy Hurst, Shaun Kane

Expanding the design space for intimacy: supporting mutual reflection for local partners

DIS 2012, Best Paper Award

Stacy M. Branham, Steve Harrison, Tad Hirsch

Processlessness: staying open to interactional possibilities

DIS 2012

Joon Suk Lee, Stacy M. Branham

NudgeCam: toward targeted, higher quality media capture

Multimedia, 2010

Scott Carter, John Adcock, John Doherty, Stacy Branham

Investigating the relationship between imagery and rationale in design

DIS 2010

Shahtab Wahid, Stacy M. Branham, D. Scott McCrickard, Steve Harrison

Let’s go from the whiteboard: supporting transitions in work through whiteboard capture and reuse

CHI 2010
Stacy M. Branham, Gene Golovchinsky, Scott Carter, Jacob Biehl

Picking up artifacts: storyboarding as a gateway to reuse


Shahtab Wahid, Stacy M. Branham, D. Scott McCrickard, Steve Harrison


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