“‘Do You Want Me to Participate or Not?’: Investigating the Accessibility of Software Development Meetings for Blind and Low Vision Professionals


Scholars have investigated numerous barriers to accessible software development tools and processes for Blind and Low Vision (BLV) developers. However, the research community has yet to study the accessibility of software development meetings, which are known to play a crucial role in software development practice. We conducted semi-structured interviews with 26 BLV software professionals about software development meeting accessibility. We found four key themes related to in-person and remote software development meetings: (1) participants observed that certain meeting activities and software tools used in meetings were inaccessible, (2) participants performed additional labor in order to make meetings accessible, (3) participants avoided disclosing their disability during meetings due to fear of career repercussions, (4) participants suggested technical, social and organizational solutions for accessible meetings, including developing their own solutions. We suggest recommendations and design implications for future accessible software development meetings including technical and policy-driven solutions.



Yoonha Cha, Isabela Figueira., Jessy Ayala, Emory J. Edwards, Joshua Garcia, André van der Hoek, Stacy M. Branham


CHI 2024